• This Program is designed to:
    1. Add value to Business Community, by increasing the skill set of the Business Coach.
    2. Support coaches in training, as part of the GRATYO Certified Business Coach Program.
    3. To help Business Coaches to apply the specific coaching framework for their own growth.
    4. To apply these tools and framework to support the clients in growing their business.
  • Requirement:
    Participant must have a passion in Coaching and experience as a Coach.
  • Program Overview:
    This is a 6-day program with total of 60 hours, which includes 42 hours of in-class training, 13 hours of coaching practicum and role-playing, and 5 self-study hours.
  • Key Learning Area:
    • 1. Foundation of Success:
      • Start with YOUR belief
    • 2. Public Mastery System:
      • Secrets to obtain Public Victory
      • Secrets to obtain Private Victory
    • 3. Personal Mastery System:
      • 5 Steps to Master of Influencer
      • 5 Steps to Dance with Objection
    • 4. Be a Kick Ass Coach:
      • 7 Secrets to Be Great Coach
    • 5. GRATYO® Business Building Framework™:
      • 4 Fundamental Pillars to Build Profitable and Auto-Pilot Business

Course Delivery:
In-class training, presentation, role-plays, pair coaching practice (with observation, feedback and individual Key Actions) and self-study.

Course Approach:
Delivery in Bahasa Indonesia and Handout in English and Bahasa Indonesia The program will be done through Face to Face.

  • Intended participants:
    1. Professional who want to be a Coach, with specialization in Business Coaching
    2. Trained coaches who want to add business coaching to their toolkit to expand their offerings
    3. Professional coach who is a member of member ICF (International Coach Federation) and would like to get Individual Credential as ICF Credential Association Certified Coach (ACC).
    4. Business owners who recognize the value of creating a coaching culture in the growth of their organization

Coach Yohanes G. Pauly
World’s Top Certified Business Coach
Founder, CEO & Master Coach of GRATYO®

  • Policies on payment of tuition and fees:
    1. Payment in advance.
    2. There are several options, like Early Payment, Payment at due date and 2 times Installment
  • Policies on withdrawals and refunds:
    1. As long as it’s informed at the maximum 4 weeks before the date od the program, the payment can be allocated for the payment of the next batch in the same year.
    2. The company reserves the rights to change the venue or date of program if deem necessary.