Coach Yohanes G. Pauly

World’s Top Certified Business Coach
Founder, CEO, & Master Coach of GRATYO®

Coach Yohanes G. Pauly achieved No. 1 Rank as the Best Business Coach in the World in the global prestigious list of Top 100 Business Coach in the World, and the winner of Business Coach of the Year in Coaches Choice Awards in the World in Spain. More than Motivator and Trainer who gives Motivation and Training, Coach Yohanes G. Pauly is the World’s Top Certified Business Coach, which provides many of In House Training and Coaching that are FUN full of laughter but Practical, touching hearts but focus to Action to achieve Extraordinary results. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, he is the Founder, CEO & Master Coach of GRATYO® World’s Leading Practical Business Coaching achieved No. 1 Rank as the Best Business Coaching Company in the World in the global prestigious list of Top 10 Business Coaching Company in the World.

Top 5 Things You Should Know about
Coach Yohanes G. Pauly

  • 1 Great Result: Result Talk
    Evaluation result from every In House Training by Coach Yohanes G. Pauly was scored above 9 out of 10 in average, which means, lots of Leaders and Professionals who feel great result, not only for their work but also for company, but more important is for their life. Coaching result which he did when he was a Business Coach made his client change from working for a dozen hours a day in His business became quite come once a week, increase Revenue up to hundreds of percent in one year, and their business developed into many areas of business
  • 2 Great Achievements: Achived No.1 in the World
    Coach Yohanes G. Pauly achieved No. 1 Rank as the Best Business Coach in the World in the global prestigious list of Top 100 Business Coach in the World, Winner of Sales Coach of the Year and Business Coach of the Year in Coaches Choice Awards for World in Spain, Winner of Sales Coach of the Year and Business Coach of the Year in Coaches Choice Awards for Asia Pacific in Australia, He also awarded for Indonesia Markerter to Watch 2008 by Indonesia Marketing Association and SWA Magazine
  • 3 Great Experiences: Salesman (8 years old) to Marketing Director (32 years old)
    Born in a less fortunate family, become Salesman Door-to-Door in the year of 8, helped his parent’s small business, graduate university with scholarship as The Best Graduate Honor with Cum Laude with GPA 3.98 out of 4, trusted in multi position in best companies in the world such as Danone, Unilever, Pepsi-Cola, Fonterra, and Astra International, until become Marketing Director in Top 500 Global Companies in the World when he was 32 years old. When he was professional, he also trusted to help Fabric Cleaning business in South East Asia, and also Oral Care Business for Asia, Africa, Middle East and Turkey, with his team, he succeed turn decrement sales trend into the highest sales since being launched only in 1 year for beverage business, achieved double digit growth in 1 year compared to single digit growth in years before in oral care business, booked Revenue growth 5 fold compared to last year’s growth in Fabric Cleaning business, increase sales for 350% in 1 year by revolutionize ice cream business, achieved gain 13% market share in the 1st year of children milk powder Business
  • 4 Great Approach: FUN Practical, Opened Heart, Focus to Action & Result
    Besides becoming Master Coach in Coaching Business, Coach Yohanes G. Pauly also known as an expert in Motivation, Leadership, Team Building, Marketing & Sales, Communication & Influencing Skill, and Coaching & Counseling. Besides having a FUN approach and full of laughter, but very Practical and Real. He can open and touch people’s heart, but focus into concrete Action and extraordinary coaching result. Using a simple yet valued language, so can be understood by vary of audiences, from richest people in Top 100 Richest People in Indonesia, to Directors and Managers in multinational companies, to sales team and SPG/SPB in many companies, until Office Boy/ Girl and Security Team
  • 5 Great Credibility: World Renowned and Internationally Certified
    Coach Yohanes G. Pauly is the first Certified Executive Coach in Indonesia trusted by Marshall Goldsmith, World’s No. 1 Leadership Thinker by Harvard Business Review, for Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Coach Yohanes G. Pauly is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), the only global coaching certification recognized at world level of the Organization of the World’s Greatest Coach, the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is supported by more than 20,000 coaches in the world. He himself also has been a member of ICF since 2013. With the spirit of entrepreneur inside him, he build his own business to become more Profitable & AUTO-PILOT. Has been invited as regular presenter in national radio, such as Sonora Radio Network, SmartFM, and PasFM Networked which relayed to many cities as a source in national magazine like SWA, guest speaker in many TV stations like MNC TV and Sindo TV

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